Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Virtual sweets

Hello, my name is Terry and I am a sugaraholic. Voracious sweet tooth. Christmas just does me in and by January 1 I am deep into cookie/candy binge mode and the only cure is to quit cold turkey.

January went well. Once I got the evil stuff out of my system I no longer craved it. But now February has arrived and with it my seasonal nemesis—those little candy hearts with the sayings on them. Yes, I adore them! It will be hard to get through February without succumbing to at least one of those dear little boxes, but I am vowing to stay strong and resist temptation. To that end I printed a full page photo of candy hearts to use in collages. I thought maybe some "virtual" indulgence would substitute for the real thing.

I am new to collage. (More about that here)  I just started making some small collages for my own pleasure and as an ongoing exercise in composition. I am having fun with it. Here are my results using the candy hearts.

 So, those candy hearts are, well, busy! It was harder to find things to work with them than I expected. This one seems a little too cluttery and valentine-y for me.

This one is a little more my style, and sweet enough to make my teeth hurt! My favorite thing about it is the trompe l'oeil shadow of the doily, drawn in pencil. This may be all the sweetness I need for awhile. These virtual sweets might just be enough!


  1. I love these little sweet message candies as well. I must go get me some... Great idea to photo and use as collage material.

  2. Very cool shaddowing on the doily collage item. Thanks for sharing that.

  3. Gosh that shadowing really makes the image pop off the page - nicely done!

  4. Wow I thought those were real until I read the text! I've been looking for something to make for my staff, we have all also overindulged in sweets :D and this is a great idea for a Valentine surprise! Thanks for getting my creative juices flowing :D