Thursday, February 14, 2013

Will you be my valentine?

Hello my lovies!  Kari McKnight Holbrook popping by with some non-caloric valentine sweets!  I do love love love my sketchbooks and journals.  They are a place for me to spend quality time with someone I often neglect.

I keep these little sketch books really just for me, that's why all the quotes!  I practice here- lately I've been sketching alot of women, and I reuse sketches and rework sketches I've done elsewhere- transferring them over, trying to make them different. 

But as much as I love the sketches, I also love the words.  I am constantly writing down cool things I've heard in a movie, or on the news, or that I've seen in a book, or heard in a class.  I've filled notebooks with quotes I've gathered.  The last year or so, I've been making these little sketchbooks, and filling with quotes on a single topic or theme.  I find it really satisfying.  And sometimes, I don't even care if the sketch matches the words.  Sometimes it does. 

I work on several wet journals at a time, painting them with busy backgrounds, then knocking them back a bit to leave resting places to write and draw.  Get them to the dry point, and then, anywhere I go, all I need is a pencil, eraser, Pitt Artist Pens and a Signo Uniball White gel pen.

But what I REALLY love is that I can fill an entire journal in just a few days, even at 15 minutes a day!   Have you been sweet to yourself this month?  If you want to see more pages, pop over to see the rest on my blog:)  Or go out and treat yourself to some chocolate and a romantic dinner!  If you had been keeping romantic quotes in a journal, you could be reading them to your love over a candlelight bubble

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  1. I collect quotes in sketchbooks too!. One way I use those books is as a place to wipe off a brush or brayer too full of paint to simply rinse. Makes for a nice page spread onto which later to write a quote, or to have the quote already there... doesn't matter how the page starts. Later I can go back in and play some more. I've gotten so used to doing this that I keep several books prepped and ready in my studio, being economical by using old books (with sewn signatures that are still intact) that I've altered by alternately glueing and covering with gessor, or tearing out pairs of pages.