Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ammonites and Fiddlehead Ferns....

Leslie here.  I love the April theme of "Spirals".  One of my favorite possessions is a lovely ammonite that was given to my husband and I in honor of our marriage.  I have a special place in my heart for ammonites.  Believe it or not, my grandparents found an enormous ammonite on their farmland (the diameter was about 2 feet!) and they brought it with them when they moved into the small town of Smith Center, Kansas (see below).  My cousins and I used it as a step to climb into the old tire swing:
I cringe now when I think about it!  Fortunately, my aunt and uncle are still in possession of this huge fossil.  Our local museum proudly displays one that is much smaller than the one my grandparents found.
Spirals are everywhere in nature, from the tiniest bacteria to those heavenly bodies, the spiral galaxies.

Ferns, as they rise from the woodland soil, uncurl their beautiful spiral fronds.  
Recently I was dining in a restaurant that served sauteed fiddlehead ferns as a side dish.  Not only were they beautiful to look at, they were quite tasty.  Who knew?!

the following are some very quick sketches.
I added a bit of watercolor to a few of them.

...and this is the ammonite that was found on my grandparents' land.
Approximate diamter is 2 feet!
(To think I used to step on this to get in a swing!)

a thermofax print of an ammonite on silk
Here is a small quilt with the same screen print on the surface.


  1. What an amazing find. The Isle of Wight in the UK is well known for its fossils and ammonites. I have never been luck enough to find one.

  2. Ah yes! Fiddleheads. A Maine delicacy. yumm. one of the things I really miss.
    Sandy in the UK

    1. I wish I could have them more frequently! I thought they were yummy!