Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bowls du jour

Susan Brubaker Knapp here with your bowls du jour. I started out by taking photos of some beautiful blue and green bowls I had in my cupboard. 

It’s handy for me to take photos and work from them because I’m often sketching on the run (this week, for example, is soccer tryout week, and I’m really on the go!). This way, I can print out the photo and sketch from it, where ever I am, and without schlepping the bowls with me, and hoping for decent light.

I liked this photo best out of the batch I shot:

I really need help in finding a wider range of materials with which to sketch, ink and paint. I need a broader repertoire. Here are some of the ones I'm using and loving now:

From the top: LAMY fountain pen with black ink; water color brush (#4 Goldenedge Round by Grumbacher); and Faber Castell PITT artist pens in a variety of sizes. 

Dear readers, what do you use and love? I’d love some suggestions!

I am on a hunt to find a great dip pen or fountain pen with a really flexible nib, so that I could get more variety in width, and more character to my lines. I have been yearning for one for some time, and this recent post by Joe Nevin really got me thinking. (Make sure to check out the awesome videos by Tommy Kane/Red Hook and Danny Gregory!)
I drew this with the LAMY fountain pen:

And this with pencil, and then inked with the PITT pens:

 Here it is with some water color on the bowls, and text in the background:

I think the text really gives it wonderful energy.


  1. Love these bowl sketches! I've always enjoyed stacked cups, now I'll add stacked bowls to that list and of course to my own to-do list! Thanks for the morning inspiration!

  2. Lovely!
    Especially the one with text!

  3. Gorgeous bowls, gorgeous colours, fabulous patterns and text, but I luurrve the highlights! They make the bowls 'come to life'. I'm learning! Yay :D

    1. The highlights make that bowl on top, don't they? Paying attention to the details makes a big difference. Thanks, TwinkleToes!

  4. I love your bowls, and the way they are stacked. Your work is always so energetic and inspirational.

  5. I like ALL of them too!!! My favorite is the one with the text! Have you tried the Pocket Pen by Pentel? It has a brush tip that allows you to do delicate details as well as broad stokes.

    1. No, I didn't know about it! Thanks! I'll go out and find one. I'm always happy to try a new drawing implement.