Saturday, June 1, 2013


Hi everyone, from Joanne Sharpe!
The Sketchbook Challenge theme
 for the month of June is: 
It seems that wherever you are this month, the world is in "full bloom" with the perfect subject matter for sketching and drawing.  I sometimes get stuck drawing the same things over and over again and need inspiration.  With the ubiquitous cell phone camera, it's easy to capture nature at it's finest providing great prompts for drawing and sketching.  It's a portable "art idea file".  Back in the "old days", I used to cut and collect magazine pictures and store them in overstuffed manilla folders.  Virtual photos are so much better.  You can hoard photo images without being a hoarder!
When looking for "art fuel" all one needs to do is go out into a garden.  There is so much pattern and repetition in the way plants and flowers grow.  Start with what you see, then create your own art version of nature, realistic or abstract, accurate or whimsical, whatever strikes your fancy.  My preference is the meditative repetition of line and pattern, then adding a bright color palette.

Finding inspiration is as simple as walking outside, or visiting someone else's garden. These photos are from my mom's yard, she is an incredible gardner.  I wish some of that rubbed off on me!  Everything in each of her many gardens inspires me, it's spectacular.

See with your eyes and heart wide open.  Make art that allows nature to spill from your soul.  Don't just look, but SEE...
...the quirkiness that springs from the earth...

...lines and repetition...

 ...pattern clusters and vibrant color that makes your heart skip a beat...
 ...playful shape and organic movement...
 ...linear design, pattern and flow designed by nature...
 ...perfection and grace...
 ...even man made elements add to the beauty that comes from the earth.
Create whole pages of 
nature inspired drawings making a 
"Garden Doodle Collage".  
Look for ideas from each plant, flower and blossom.  Take from several garden photos and sketch what you see.  Add color with marker or watercolor to bring the images to life.  Keep the images realistic, or get into the "doodle zone" repeating and adding line and shape to create a unique interesting pattern. 

  In nature, and the garden, possibilities are endless.  Don't just LOOK....SEE....make your art a garden.  Be inspired by the color, shapes and patterns that makes the soul of the earth visible.  Have a wonderful time making your "garden doodles" this month.

I'm in the "doodle zone" right now, preparing my new online class "Doodle Arts and Letters" that starts June 10th.  For more colorful inspiration, come visit my "Whimspirations" blog!
Happy garden doodling!


  1. Very inspirational, Joanne. You did some beautiful garden doodles and inspired me to get out into the garden and 'see'. Thank you.

  2. Wow! You have inspired me AGAIN Joanne! Looooove the article with the actual photo and your sketch side by side. I am going outside to take some pictures and give this a try!!!!

  3. Great post, prompt, and love the step by step giving us what you saw and how you translated. ... and of course your art is divine!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Beautifully inspiring. Always good to really 'see' what's around us! Great theme Joanne.

  6. Great challenge this month. Here is my take on it.

  7. Fantastic Challenge! I'm so excited! :D

  8. Oh u make it look boldly beautiful and easy!
    Here is mine

  9. Can't wait to get started on this month's challenge - I love doodling flowers and finally here in the UK we have some SUN!

  10. I did my Garden Doodles of a few miniature terrariums I made. Fun project!

  11. I Doodle Garden Flower

  12. Oh, I did the June challenge and didn't even know it. Here is my flower doodled June 2013 calendar. Hey, working on my July calendar this weekend--what's the theme?

  13. Joanne, I love, love your folders!!

  14. Actually realize that these are pages, not folders but going to make some flower themed flower doodled folders and misspoke above--love, love your pages! What a great tutorial!

  15. I found this website when this journal page was almost finished. It just happened to match up with this month's theme, so I decided to jump in before I could talk myself out of it!


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