Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tropical Doodles

Kristin here. I lived in Hawaii for four years, and the world was my garden. All the plants and their lore fascinated me, and it wasn't long before I was seeing fabric or wrapping paper designs in everything.

My sketches tend to be very very simple and loose. I've since learned that my style of journaling could be called a "working journal." I've started to keep a prettier one too, but that's another story.

I doodled and listed lots and lots of flowers and plants associated with Hawaii and tried to find the graphic simplicity in each one.

I really like those teardrop shaped nuts/seeds.

I took this sketch a little further because I really needed to see the texture and color interplay.
When one thinks of Hawaii, one must include taro. It's heart shaped leaves are a natural direction. I also felt like it could go a little retro and tacky tiki lounge. 

Eventually the above sketches, became the fabric design below.

The naupaka is my favorite Hawaiian plant. It comes with a legend of love and separation that pulls at the heartstrings.

The doodle on the left is the beginnings of my naupaka design. The right side is based on Bird of Paradise, but eventually was reduced to colorful stripes.

I had naupaka fabric printed through Spoonflower:

And the doodle was the basis for a tote bag too. I made another tote with the flower design, using both the naupaka and the taro fabric. No photos, but I really love how it turned out.

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  1. amazing, so beautiful and I love that the images were derived from nature, what better in inspiration limitless, you are an inspiration!