Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Journey of Appreciation

Hi everyone, Desiree here! Journeys, they can mean so many things can't they. It can refer to a trip, a personal odyssey or passage, a voyage, a pilgrimage an excursion or just an outing. I do keep separate sketchbooks for when I travel as they mainly document my trip somewhere. I have loved doing my trips to Italy, Paris, Sedona, Salt Lake City etc. I love that I have a place that is only about the travel experience and that it records events that I may have long forgotten if they weren't written down.

Since last month I posted about my journey or vacation into the forest I thought I would share about more of a special artistic journey or event I had in May. Every month I teach a sketching and painting class to a small group of women who have become special friends over the years. This year Mothers Day fell on the day after our meeting so I hosted a Tea Party for them in my garden for our class. I love having the opportunity to do these kinds of things for the people in my life. To say you are appreciated as a women, a mother, an artist and a friend. The roses were in full bloom and the weather was perfect. I set up a table under the shade of the big tree on the lawn. I had asked one of the women to bring some of her vintage tea cups for our party and I gathered different types of tea for brewing.

I took great care in setting the table, a
vintage table cloth and beautiful glass dishes to carry the food. Only the best for these creative women!
The table was set with big, full bouquets of roses and bougainvillea sprinkled around the food plates 

Everyone had a unique tea cup, lots of food and their sketchbooks to journal the event

I made sandwiches, and some brought cookies. There was also cake and fruit.

All the colors and flowers and food made for a sea of eye candy, everything looked so beautiful it was hard to choose one thing to paint.
As we enjoyed the morning with our tea and food I encouraged them to sketch and paint from where they were sitting. It was a fun, relaxing time together, sketching, painting, talking, giggling and eating. Doesn't get much better than that!

My sketch

Some of the other sketches in progress
These special journeys into my garden with friends are just as memorable, in many ways, as my bigger trips. Sketching our Tea Party enabled me to capture a moment in time forever. I wrote about the friends, the food, the tea and the roses. In the years to come, when I look back at the sketch I will remember and appreciate all the little things that made that day so special.


  1. Color so delicious and vibrant. Thank you for inviting us to virtual afternoon tea. What a lovely treat for Mother's Day: tea and time to paint or draw.

  2. I'd love to attend one of your creative parties! What a beautiful idea Desiree.

  3. Talk about inspiration to paint! I'm going to get out my (one and only) antique tea cup and get some flowers! Love the party idea!

    1. Carol I would love to see what you paint! Each antique tea cup was so beautiful, I can't wait to see yours!

  4. Beautiful idea, beautiful photos, beautiful sketches. Thanks for sharing Desiree.

  5. So glad you all could come to the party!


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