Saturday, August 10, 2013

Journeys With My Journal (in tow)

A stack of travel journals.

Leslie here.  Guess what?  Today is my birthday!  I've officially been around 59 years and I'm truly happy for Every. Single. Day.

I think this is the perfect time of year to play with Journeys as our theme because so many of us are taking some sort of getaway around this time.  I just got home from a journey to southern California to hang the newest Dinner At Eight exhibition and do some studio work with my partner-in-crime, Jamie Fingal.  It goes without saying that we made plenty of time to play, too!
This is a view I have a lot of experience with...

I drew this on approach into Orange CA just under two weeks ago.
It's that little thing that holds the tray table up.

I thought I would show you a few pages out of some of my small travel journals.  Often, I collage elements of ephemera I acquire during the course of a trip and create a postcard that I send home to myself.  It is great for three reasons:  I love the ticket stubs from museums, trams, and more but tend to lose them and this keeps them intact, I get a little "freeze frame" memory of my trip when I open my mailbox, and I can glue them into my sketchbook after they arrive.  Fun!  I have an old post here about what I carry when I travel, so you can click the link to take a peek, if you want.
Quick drawings can be painted in on the spot or filled in later..

I glued a portion of a map of Amsterdam into my journal and outlined the tram route 
between Centraal Station and our hotel!

These pages have some of the bag from Delftware glued to them,
and a folded detail from a museum.

I love this:  written directions from the hotel clerk to a restaurant.
No surprise that I couldn't read any of it.  Between my poor Italian, his poor English 
and even worse handwriting, it just didn't work out too well.

Museum & tram tickets keep company with a small watercolor of the top of 
a building in Amsterdam

A very quick sketch made during Luana Rubin's interview of Jinny Beyer
at the recent "Not Fade Away" conference.

One of my young friends contributed a drawing.
BTW that is me on the left.

I hope all your journeys are good ones.  Remember:  the journey IS the destination.


  1. Best wishes for your birthday!

  2. awww, what a great post full of inspiration! wishing you a happy birthday too!

  3. Happy Birthday! I found your post very inspiring. I love the fact that you glued down tickets and pieces of maps in additions to your sketches.

    Can you say what supplies you bring with you, so that you're ready to work in your journal in response to experiences during your journey?

    I aspire to create art journals while traveling. I don't like being overloaded with supplies. Back in July, I took a very small pouch of pens & pencils plus some matte medium in a small container. It's a modest success, but I hope to do more on my next big trip.

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Happy Birthday! Love your bits and pieces stuck down in your travel journal with your sketches.