Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Jackie here with my contribution to August's theme; 'Journeys' is a theme suited to the holiday season, but if you are not venturing far afield and and seldom  go further than your own back garden, there is still plenty of scope. I went to a short workshop some time ago and quickly made a little ‘book’ out of brown paper and scraps which were provided, our theme being maps and personal journeys.

 This lead to a whole year’s project by the day centre service users with whom I work; we mapped peoples’ journeys from the time they came into the centre in the morning to the time they went home, drawing out on paper, with collage here and there. Each of us makes a journey through time each day and you can map it out, perhaps using bits and pieces from magazines, or try making a sort of map of your life’s main events. Old maps are great as collage elements.

 I also remember a drawing exercise I did once, in this you take your path through your garden and divide it into sections. After you have finished drawing and colouring, you then add texture, sticking in sand, grass, scrunched up tissue etc.; so that if you were following your journey just by touch you would be able to distinguish the different areas.

Once a year in the UK we have what is called The Big Draw, basically encouraging people to get together and draw. One year it was based on maps and journeys, I remember using a piece cut from a map in sort of the shape of the heart and so the journey/path was that of the blood through the body. We also drew out a journey we remembered using different marks, so mine got pretty chaotic as I had recently been up to London and nearly missed my train. So a few ideas which I hope will inspire you.


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