Saturday, August 17, 2013


Jackie here, in fact I am recently back from two weeks holiday and was lucky enough to get a certificate for crossing the Arctic Circle, no mean feat as I was asleep at the time. I usually collect bits of pieces like bills, brochures etc. when on holiday and use them in a sketchbook.

 In Florence we stayed opposite a bakery and I backed one of the nicely illustrated brown paper bags onto wadding and free machined it before putting in a sketchbook.

 On the last holiday I decided to use my ipad as a sketchbook. My aim was to get used to using Sketchbook Pro, needless to say that I did very little of that, just too busy eating.

 I like free souvenirs; in the Faroe Islands I collected some unusual stones, a few shells and a nicely coloured piece of pottery from the sea.

 I also found this feathery seed head. Photographed on the bed sheet.
 I took photos in the afternoon and then manipulated and collaged them using Snapseed and PicCollage whilst my husband was asleep by the pool.Now I keep these finds with others as a little holiday collection in a bowl made from paper pulp.


  1. That conglomerate of small forms with holes is *wonderful*! I'd love to have something like that in my collection of oddments.

    1. Well just keep looking, it surprising what you can find for free.