Monday, August 12, 2013

On a recent journey

Sue B here...

A couple weeks ago I hopped a plane and went on a quick weekend journey to Salt Lake City to visit my friends at HandiQuilter...

You can read more about my adventures while I was there on my blog here.

I like to pack light when I travel so all I brought for sketching supplies was my sketchbook and my favorite pen:

the pen is a Pilot V Razor Point extra fine and the sketchbook is  Daler Rowney Riata sketchbook.  I love these sketchbooks and I buy several of them at a time but the only place I've ever been able to find them is at my local Michaels stores in the 5" x 8" size.  The paper inside is a nice bright white and it takes marker, pencil and colored pencil really nicely.

The journey to Salt Lake was a long one (5 hours!) so I had some time to do some doodling:

What supplies do you take with you when you travel?

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