Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pilgrimage to Birmingham. The Festival of Quilts.

Hi,  Its Frances Holliday Alford.

I was so fortunate this summer to be able to go to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England.  I shared Linda Pumphrey's room and got to help her celebrate her birthday while we were there.

I decided to make a small quilted sketch by using the things I brought back with me.  I had several tutorials while there, chances to sit and rest and learn something new.

The map fabric and the peeling paint fabric were purchased.   I made the marbled fabric in a demonstration.

Hand painted felt that will melt with the heat gun.  An embroidery I made in a booth.

Hexagons are very popular in Europe right now and they were prominently displayed at the quilt show.  I made some from indigo materials I bought in a Japanese textile booth.  Linda Pumphrey cut them for me in her Accuquilt booth, using one of their new hexagon die cutters.

I couldn't resist the hand dyed nylon scarf in rich saffron.  I laid it across the entire image and sewed it down enough to keep it from shifting when I started hand quilting.

I have used the white embroidery floss in a running stitch in the manner of some of the functional quilts of India.  When their quilts get very worn, they show fabrics from below which adds to their charm.  I love the way the white stitches made their quilts sparkle, so I wanted to try that.

I am going to  make more panels and put them together to be a larger piece.  I think the theme is the richness of textiles and embellishments the world over.  So far, I have Great Britain, India, and Japan represented.   I have more goodies from around the world.  It will be fun to dig in a treasure trove.


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