Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Unexpected Journey

Hello!  This is my first post here as I have just joined The Sketchbook Challenge.  My name is Jacqueline Newbold and I am a watercolor artist and also enjoy incorporating mixed media into my watercolor travel journals.   I love taking my watercolor journal with me on my journeys.  Sometimes the unexpected journeys are the best ones.  I had that opportunity just last week when my youngest daughter needed to move back home after graduating from college.  I did not want her driving over 1,000 miles all by herself so I decided to fly to Denver and drive home with her.  
Did I want to spend hours on end in her hand-me-down VW that the passenger door doesn’t open, no cruise control, and seats filled with college boxes of who knows what?  Did I have time to spend four days on the road when I should be getting ready for my upcoming workshops at CREATE, Chicago?  NO…  Did I look forward to spending 20 hours with Zoe, having her just to myself to talk and catch up?  Absolutely!  

It turned out to be the perfect opportunity to make a little fun detour into two of our nation’s treasures - The Grand Tetons’ and Yellowstone National Parks.   On our second day we drove out of Jackson, Wyoming, as the sun was rising.  We saw our very first moose (ever) before the sun was barely up, a coyote ran across the road and sandhill cranes were dancing in the fields.   Bison surrounded us on both sides of the road, snorting and chasing each other.  The signs everywhere say not get too close to the wildlife, but it was impossible as they seemed to be taking over the place.   As we drove out of Yellowstone, with the last rays of sunlight casting a pinkish glow in the sky, we saw a herd of elk in a meadow with young ones bedding down for the night.  Not only was it a day filled with wildlife, hiking, exploring but a day of wonder at the unearthly landscape of oozing, steaming and plopping of primordial mud.  Below are a few photos
and a peek in my watercolor journal from this journey.  

The Sunset, Yellowstone National Park


  1. Welcome Jacqueline! What a wonderful trip! I would love to see Yellowstone. Great photos and sketches/paintings!

    1. Thank you Desiree. It is truly amazing there!

  2. Welcome, Jackie! Your journey resonated with me. I grew up in Idaho, only a couple hours from Jackson and Yellowstone and spent so many happy times in that area over the years. It is probably my favorite place in the whole world and I love when others discover it. Your remembrances and sketches and photos warmed my heart!


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