Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Theme - Houses and Hideaways

Jamie Fingal here to announce the new theme for September - "Houses and Hideaways."  One of my favorite motifs in my work and I am excited to see what you can create this month!  I have several examples of house projects below. The first one is an accordion book that I made with small note cards, because I was drawn to the closures with the circle and string.  Using my 1" thumbnail sketches from my Moleskin Storybook sketchbook, shipping tags and note cards, I created this house book. 

The shipping tags were stamped with acrylic paint with Fun Foam textures

Then glued to the note cards.  I really like the way it turned out!
September always reminds me of home, and a good time to re-group, the end of summer, planning for the new year, and for vacations.
A funky folding house book, made entirely with fabric, and house component stencils that I designed, all Mistyfused onto wool felt
Welcome Home - door hanger

Zipper house that was made for a group project, where everyone made a house that reflected their own person style.  My house unzips and folds flat.

A watercolor of houses, and a few more motifs that I love

From sketch to quilt - Glamping!  The perfect hide-away on wheels!  So let the fun begin!


  1. Jamie - your pictures are fabulous!

  2. Great theme Jamie! I love your drawings and especially love the watercolor painting above. I can't wait to see what everyone does with this!

  3. I adore what you've done with the house-index cards. Love your color choices -- very vibrant and happy hues.

  4. Jamie,

    These are really wonderful! You sure have the house thing goin'!! thanks for the inspiration!

  5. The vibrant colors and variety of design

  6. Excited about the blog hop & theme :) see my interpretation at:

  7. My houses are here -

  8. Love the theme ideal as I have just finished working on a decaying door textile piece
    see it here:

  9. Just found your blog. I am so loving this place. Must hang out here more often! TFS


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