Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sketchbook Challenge Blog Hop ~ Deborah Boschert

Hi! Deborah here. As you know, our massive blog hop includes posts right here on our Sketchbook Challenge blog, but also on our individual blogs. I'm sharing a fun little video and a give away on my blog! It all ties together, so be sure to check it all out.

"Home and Hideways" is the perfect theme for me. I use homes as shapes and symbols in my artwork all the time! (In fact, sometimes I wonder if I should ban myself from using them in order to find some new personal iconography. But, not yet!)

I created this small art quilt to share with you as part of our massive blog hop.

It's called Dwell and Develop and it measures 12x12 inches. The video on my blog shows lots of detail shots and in-progress photos along with a description of all the steps I took to create this piece. 

Here are some more detail shots and below is a full and comprehensive supply list of the things I used throughout the creation process.

I struggled with that area right about the blue house. Homes and Hideaways are not always just right, are they?

Here is my original photo that I used to create a freezer paper stencil for the painted silhouette in the background of the quilt.

Supplies, where I get them and why I like them. (Lots of these items could be used in sketchbooks and in creating fiber art!)

Fabrics included in the quilt:
  • *commercial fabrics: I love combining hand dyed and stamped cloth with commercial prints. I get prints everywhere from my local quilt shop to chain fabric stores to thrift stores.
  • *solid fabrics: I generally start with solid fabric when I'm creating an original stamped pattern. I love Kona cottons
  • *original fabrics: I've got a stash of fabrics from painting sessions, workshops, playing with gelli prints and other explorations. They are great to include in collages.
  • batting: I generally use acrylic felt for batting in small art quilts. I get it at Joanns. It's 72 inches wide and I buy a few yards at a time and just chop off chunks as I need it.
  • fusible webbing: I love Wonder Under 805 by Pellon. (Also usually buy it at Joanns but only if it's half price or I've got a coupon.
Supplies used to create surface design on the fabric:
  • acrylic paint: Folk Art is my favorite brand. It's available at Michaels.
  • *spouncer brush: Best tool ever for applying paint. Cheap ones available in bulk. Slightly nicer ones. Either are fine.
  • wood block to create stamp: I used an old rubber stamp that I didn't really like any more. Any chunk of wood would do. Actually, it wouldn't even have to be wood.
  • yarn: used to create the stamp for the background... any yarn or string would be fine.
  • paint palette styrofoam tray: I use old meat trays for dipping, spreading and stamping paint.
  • *Micron Pen: It's the best pen for writing on fabric. I like the .08 width -- that's the widest they offer.
  • freezer paper: To create the house sillhouette, I made a stencil with Reynolds freezer paper. Available at your grocery store in the same aisle as the tin foil.
Supplies for stitching:
  • thread: I love Coates and Clarke also from Joanns. Lots of fiber artists are scowling at me for writing that. It's ok. Use whatever works for you.
  • sewing machine: I have a Janome Memory Craft 4800. Love it!
  • *embroidery floss: I mostly use DMC since it's so readily available. But I also love Sublime Stitching's new line of floss
  • *needle: Hands down my favorite needle for hand embroidery is the Embroidery/Redwork Size 8 from Jeana Kimball. 
  • *square sequins: You will not believe the variety of sequins available from Cartwrights, including square sequins in tons of colors. Plus they are reasonably priced and Cartwright always ships quickly and inexpensively. (One time they even tucked an extra dollar bill in my order because they had overcharged for shipping. That's good karma.)
  • coffee creamer: Every morning and nearly every afternoon, a cuppa coffee with Coffee-Mate hazelnut creamer.
  • grahm crackers: Can't go wrong with the classic HoneyMaid graham cracker.
I really love listening to podcasts while I'm in the studio. It keeps enough of my brain occupied that I don't think about checking email or other non-urgent distractions. This is only a partial list of some of my favs. All available on iTunes.
  • This American Life: stories about interesting people in unique situations
  • Snap Judgement: edgier stories about interesting people in unique situations
  • Radio Lab: stories about interesting people in unique situations examined through the filter of scientific research
  • WTF: long form interviews with comedians, musician, chefs and other creative types. (Profanity and adult themes, but very insightful.)
  • Ask Me Another: clever, smart, game show format with word games and celebrity guests
  • iron: I love this Panasonic with the titanium soleplate. (But I did not pay $75 which is the current Amazon price. You should shop for a lower price if you're in the market for an iron.)
  • scissors: Havel's makes an amazing line of scissors. 
  • rotary cutter: I like the large Fiskars large size, but whatever works is fine.
  • ruler: Olfa has an endless variety of sizes and shapes.
  • cutting mat: Olfa makes mats too. 
* What's up with the asterisks?! Those items are all included in the "fabric collage inspiration pack" that I'm giving away on my blog! Head over there, watch the video and comment for a chance to win!


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing all your favorite supplies!

  2. Wow, I feel so blessed by your generosity. All of you artist folk in the bloghop are amazing. Little kids in the candy store--you're overloading us with goodies!

    1. I'm so happy to hear you are enjoying the blog hop, Karen Jo!

  3. I love the little quilt--it's full of great ideas. But the supply list is wonderful! I always wonder about these things as I'm wandering through the shops. Thanks for including everything!

    1. I really did include everything, didn't I?! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Thank you so much. Your little quilt reflects a very comfortable dwelling, with lots of inspiration and fun and gentle thoughts. The tutorial is very special and one I'll put to good use this afternoon. Take care and stay well.

    1. I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the post! I'm glad you're inspired.

  5. Love the inspiration for your quilt and the sharing of resources, thanks so much!

  6. Thanks so much, Deborah! As I said on your blog, I am really smitten with the freezer paper framed house. The ideas started popping when I saw that! I also realized how you, Kristin, Natalya, and Terry often use houses/buildings in your artwork, but each is so different from the other. Fun!!! Thanks again.

  7. Such a gorgeous quilt. Love the way you got the background silhouette.