Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sketchbook Challenge Blog Hop - Jackie Bowcutt

Jackie here,  when our children were young we often went to the same place on holiday each year, but we always chose a different house or flat to stay in, it was an exciting part of the holiday on first arriving to imagine oneself in this new home and to explore its nooks and crannies. We once stayed in a house which had all the personal affects in place; I imagine a family were letting out a dead relative’s home, a bit spooky. Very memorable is a house we rented in the middle of a farmyard in The Lake District, we were in a valley surrounded by mountains. One feature of the house and surrounding barns was the dried stone walls and the varied colours of the stones. These are a few sketches I made:

I tried to interpret the varied colours in paper by weaving strips, and in acrylics.

Later I painted and stitched an interpretation. Please click on the image to see more of the detail.

Closer at home I looked round my little studio to see if there was any inspiration for the theme at hand, sure enough, for a long time overlooked, there was my covered shoe box which holds most of my pens and pencils.

 Using either stamps carved from lino or soft sculpt, or commercial stamps, you can make your own pattern on fabric using either acrylics or fabric paints, perhaps using a dimensional marker to add detail and then cover a found box.

 It’s always nice to have items in your own hideaway which you have personalized.

Over on my blog here I am continuing this theme in stitch, please hop over.


  1. love your sketchings and painting. Just visited your blog and your stitching blew me away-wow!

  2. The way you develop a stitched project from a sketch is amazing!

  3. Now THAT's a pencil box!!! Your little stamp works wonderfully well.

  4. I really enjoy your painterly technique. It's wonderful to see a textile artist truly apply artistic principles, and to see you researching and testing to get the piece you see in your mind, as well as helping you find what still keeps it true to what you see. I love the white-on-white on your blog. I am very drawn to monochromatic schemes, for some reason. Textures and treatments pop out more, plus then any color you DO put in has more meaning, more punch. I also love your golden piece -- all the couching and the way you use stitch as an integral medium, something that doesn't just hold stuff down. Do you ever do dense machine stitching and then work hand-stitching on top of that? Your work IS very dense, which gives it that painterly quality. For some reason, I want to see what you'd do if it was so thick and dense and heavy (a la Van Gogh or Cezanne) that you had to mount it to stretchers or something. You have very exciting stuff, very inspiring. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment and look in such detail. I have done dense machine stitching and combined hand stitch, but you know I am very fickle and am quickly onto the next fix. Best wishes.