Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sketchbook Challenge Blog Hop ~ Lyric Kinard

Lyric Kinard here and it's so good to pop back in for a bit with such an incredibly talented group of women. I love this month's theme of "houses and hideaways." I've always loved residential architecture and have drafted plans for rooms and houses as far back as I can remember. My sketchbooks always have little scribble and ideas and sometimes even whole floor plans.
So it's no surprise that on our family's "epic road trip" (23 days and over 7,000 miles!) one of my favorite memories was exploring the architectural remains of the Ancestral Puebloan people in the desert southwest. It's a stunning landscape with long vistas as you look out over the sharp drops of a mesa's cliff edge.

For hundreds of years these people lived and gardened in the fertile bottomlands and mesa tops and then for a short generation, just before the culture collapsed, they moved their communities into the cliffs.

I had my sketchbook with me on our explorations and hikes through this arid land but when you've got a whole crew of kids who never stay still my sketches looked mostly like the quick scribble they were. I eventually gave up on the sketchbook and just took as many pictures as I could.

So here I am back home with pictures and books and a stack of well used maps and brochures. An afternoon spent in a sketchbook allows me to relive the memories and spend time wondering about the events that caused people to move into such precarious alcoves.
I decided to paste in some of the maps and guidebooks we used on our trips and obscured them just a bit with some gesso.
Sketching in the hidden homes with a pencil, straight over the gessoed maps.
I decided to delineate the edges of the ruins with black ink.
The right side of the sketchbook page seemed like a good place to include a floor plan of one of the mesa top ruins from the more peaceful times in the ancient history of that beautiful landscape.

Many of the photos I took and illustrations from the books I came home with are becoming inspiration for new works of art. I'm craving time to hole up in my studio for a few weeks and work through my ideas. I invite you over to my blog to see the beginnings of some of these ideas. There will be a fun giveaway as well so please do stop by!


  1. i love mesa what you have done in your sketchbook

  2. I tend to be inspired by things I see on the web. Much like your work in your sketchbook today. I would never have thought to use a map and gesso over it.

  3. I love the sketches you have done. It looks like a fascinating place!!. Hope you enjoyed your trip? It looked amazing (I've been following your photos on Facebook:) I'm looking forward to your work on this on you blog. xxxxx

  4. An inspiring place to visit, as you've so aptly shown in your sketchbook.

  5. I never thought to use old maps as part of a piece of art. I take lots of photos on trips but also rarely have time to sketch due to time constraints and the people with me (I am the only artist in the family). Great way to incorporate memories from your trip into your art Lyric!

  6. Lyric, my 3 daughters just went camping in the Mesa Verde area. They loved the area and were so captivated by the amazing petroglyphs. Thanks for reminding me about this magical place!