Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sketchbook Challenge Blog Hop ~ Mary Beth Shaw

Hi all, Mary Beth here today to talk about houses and hideaways.
I used to move a lot. When I was a young adult I moved so much that my mom had to start a new page in her address book. She thought there was something wrong with me.
At any rate, during all those moves, I sort of redefined the notion of house or home to mean 'wherever I was at the time.' It seemed much easier that way and I didn't get overly connected with the idea of a dwelling. It was, after all, simply bricks and building supplies.
It took awhile, but I finally settled down and have been in the same place for over 10 years now. I have also gained a great affection for my home.
And.....although I love my house.....it's my studio that I really want to talk about.
Here is the front door to the building.
This isn't where I enter though.  My part (or our part, as I share the studio with my friend Julie) is tucked in the back of this very old building. Most people don't even notice our door. We joke that is is our secret clubhouse.
We are on the second floor, so, if you already in our studio looking down the stairs, this is what you see. It is steep and old and dusty and dark, the stairway, not our studio. We have had people exit the studio by doing a butt crawl moving downward step by step. It's really that steep.
We have this body hanging in the bathroom. I suppose we should paint her or maybe even do some collage.
Naturally there are lots of art supplies. My Golden Fluids and my Matisse Background paints are the biggies for me. Plus stencils of course. But you knew that.
I hardly ever sketch in my studio. I make lots of lists though. And notes to myself. Things I want to remember, deadlines, that sort of thing. I wish I had time to sketch in the studio. It is more of my deadline place. And honestly, my process doesn't necessary lend itself to sketching, my sketches occur when I have free time or when I am on vacation. That is one of the reasons I wanted to be part of this group. I was hoping I would be able to magically get some sketching discipline from other group members, like if I brushed up against them I would be a more diligent sketcher....sadly, it doesn't work that way, does it?

Looking around my studio for vignettes to share inspired me though. I kept seeing abstract compositions absolutely everywhere and know there are lots of topics I want to explore, be it through sketching or painting.

Maybe hanging around with these peeps IS rubbing off on me.....
PS, I am doing a give away over on my blog, HERE. You can enter your name to win a painting I made, a painting of houses, an unusual topic for me! But I did it when taking a class from Leighanna Light. I love this little painting and hope it will find a good home with the perfect person.  
A House is Not a Home without its People by Mary Beth Shaw  

Remember, you have to go over to My Blog to enter for the painting.    


  1. I love it!! The whole idea of sketching is definitely foreign to me.

  2. wonderful post, MB! love your studio and the artwork!

  3. Thanks for sharing with us Mary Beth- love the butt crawl! ha!

  4. Aha...a secret hideaway...that's cool. NONE of us draw enough...but how much time do we have?


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