Monday, September 16, 2013

Sketchbook Challenge Blog Hop ~ Terry Grant

Houses! One of my favorite subjects. I have made many pieces of art based on houses over the years. Several years ago I decided to try making a little model house out of fabric. Maybe it was my childhood longing for a big, Victorian dollhouse (I never got it) or my interest in architecture in general, but suddenly this was something I knew I needed to make.

It was a great challenge. I created the pattern on paper and taped the paper pieces together to make sure everything fit together correctly, then took it apart and used the paper pieces for my pattern. I cut the pieces from very stiff non-woven interfacing, then fused and stitched fabric to the interfacing. I assembled the house by hand-stitching the pieces together. I tried to choose fabrics that incorporated designs that were reminiscent of building materials, roofing and window panes. The house stands about 14" tall. I stuffed some lightly scrunched tissue paper inside it to help it retain its shape.

My small quilt art group liked the house, so I made up patterns and taught them to make their own little houses at one of our retreats.

Recently, I made a house of paper, using similar techniques. I have become enamored of collages made from magazine photos, so I collaged each of the sections of the house before assembling it.

If you would like to make a house of your own, there is a tutorial about the making of this one over on my blog at I will even send you a basic pattern for the house as a pdf. file if you request it.


  1. This is gorgeous!!! I love the complexity of the collaged house. So cool.

  2. I love houses too. Yours are great.

  3. great project and the possibilities for dreaming of house and locations is endless

  4. The collaged elements on this are fabulous. Great post!

  5. They're neat little houses....LOVE the paper one.