Friday, September 20, 2013

Sketchbook Challenge Blog Hop ~ Traci Bunkers - studio

Hey! Traci Bunkers here! My favorite local "hideaway" is my studio. I love being in it! It's jam packed with my lots of colors, textures, supplies to work with, yarns and spinning fiber that I've hand-dyed, my artwork, and other things I've made to sell. To go along with the theme this month, I made a little studio tour video that's on my blog. So hop on over to check it out.

This year has been crazy for me because I've been dealing with health issues. And because of it, I really haven't been doing much art-wise. So when I thought about this theme, I thought what I most wanted to do was to work in my sketchbook, in my "hideaway" and just have fun. So often when I'm making art or doing something creative, there's an agenda because I'm doing it for "work" or have a deadline. This time, I wanted my agenda to be to just play in my sketchbook. I had a great time, and took some pics as I worked.
Here it is finished.
And here's a detail. I started with acrylic paints, and then used all kinds of different things like water soluble oil pastels and different types of pencils. I kept working back into it until I felt like I was done. I had so much fun and felt inspired! It was great to be working in my sketchbook again.

Be sure to check out my blog for my studio tour video. And of course check out the other artists in the blog hop.


  1. These are quirky and fun. Art is therapeutic and I hope it is working for you.

  2. Sure looks like you had fun working in your sketchbook!

    1. I did! And it reminded me (again) of why art is so important to me.