Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sketchbook Challenge Blog Hop With Leslie Tucker Jenison

Leslie here.  The September theme of Houses and Hideaways is very inspiring because it is truly something every one of us can relate to in some way.  I hope to lure you over to my blog where I have created something else with this theme in mind, so stop by if you can.

The meaning of home has become something that has deepened for me since we moved to San Antonio in 1997.  Up until then, home was Kansas, specifically Topeka, and the series of houses and apartments I occupied throughout my first 43 years.

After moving my perception altered quite a bit.  Home is where my family lives, no matter where we are.  And, now that my children have grown up and moved away, home has a broader meaning:  It encompasses not only my husband and beloved children, but also my "chosen" family:  my amazing network of friends.  It is a physical place AND a state of mind.

I decided to create a playful piece based on a wonderful little hideaway in Telluride, Colorado.  Most of the town has been designated as a historic landmark.  When you walk down the streets you can easily understand why!
With few exceptions, the houses are painted in a whimsical style 
in the spirit of the Victorian Painted Ladies. 

drawing from one of my house photos...

beginning to colorize the drawing with gouache paints

I took some liberties with the landscape and elements
but I hoped to capture the funky style of the house.
I stenciled "Telluride" and the year on the journal page before glueing the

 Another thing that captivated me were the wonderful front gardens that faced the street which often comprised the entire "yard".  Oh, how I adored these spots!

I savored these little spots: I love gardens, and these held many things that will only grown in an Alpine environment.  A true pleasure to behold!

I love the idea of secret gardens:  those places, public or private,  where we can go to dream.  

a stream rushing over stones, real or imagined....

one's private place to dream

 Or...lovely public spaces where we share the beauty of our surroundings.
The High Line Park, New York City
Montgomery Grove, near Mendocino California

Lotus pods, sketched in Huntington Garden in Pasadena California

Wherever your hideaway is, I hope there is....
BTW this page uses Circle Tiles & Flying Tulips stencils from Stencil Girl.
Thanks for stopping by.
Where do you go to hide away?


  1. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your inspirational work. I really need to spend more time drawing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa. I always feel that way (about drawing) but any little sketch counts!

  2. I am one with the pink telluride house.

  3. Visiting Telluride is now on my bucket list. What a gorgeous place....and your drawings are exquisite!

    1. Jo, I hope you make it there some day. It is a magical place.

  4. I am with Jo, Telluride is a "must visit" now. My hideaway is a little cottage on the Oregon coast. It is a small town (Alisa Burke lives there now) and very laid back. Walks along the beach, sitting on the breakwater to draw or stitch, it is just heavenly.

    1. I want to visit your hideaway! I keep seeing all the pics of Alisa Burke's digs and it looks incredible.

  5. Nice! I love the process pictures. Sue