Monday, October 7, 2013

'A Walk in the Country'

We don’t have any pets, unless you count tropical fish, which my husband has transported all over the country since he was a student, the tank getter larger and larger each time. He seems to be breeding catfish, which are really quite ugly, but he finds them fascinating. Living in the country most walks lead to sightings of animals, including rabbits and deer. Unfortunately some are half eaten by predators and others crushed by cars and machinery. I will spare you the photos of the rabbit which I recently photographed but you may like to see the drawings.

 I used one of the photos as a source in my sketchbook and drew from that. I also imported the photo to my ipad and used Sketchbook Pro, Procreate and Snapseed to trace and manipulate it.

I used Lesley Riley’s TAP to transfer the images to fabric.

  To see the next steps with stitch head over to Stitchworks-jackie


  1. This is so cool Jackie. Love the rabbits. Thanks for the TAP mention.

  2. My yard used to be a rabbit haven until I got some dogs. I was sorry to not see them anymore.

    I sketched an Scops owl using the Microsoft paint program. I will be trying again because it definitely needs work. You can see it on my blog,

    1. I'll pop over and take a look. Put the kettle on!