Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October - Animal Companions

Hi, this is Mary Beth, I am
here to introduce the October theme, which is Animal Companions
Do you have any Animal Companions in your life?  I bet you do whether you realize it or not. I know that I do. I see them all the time, starting with the 3 felines who live with me.
And then there are the 2 peacocks who show up in our neighborhood from time to time.
A wood pecker at my friend's house.
The deer that live in our neighborhood. Or maybe we live in their neighborhood.
The dolphins I saw when I visited the beach. 
Some animals feel symbolic to me. 
My soul animals - Eagle and Fox
The Whale that appeared to me in a powerful dream that I still remember. 
And some animals are just plain ole funny.
The squirrel that I hear running across the roof when I am at my studio.
Or how about this guy I saw while I was in Phoenix? He was kind of cute!
I see animals all the time and try to capture their pictures but I am often too slow. 
I am always aware of their presence of an animal.
Animals are a big part of my life and I suspect it is the same for many of you, so for October we celebrate our Animal Companions. 
Sketch them, trace them, photograph them, we want to see your companions. 


  1. Прелестные дружные кошки!

  2. Thank you for this inspiring challenge. I'm taking it on!

  3. Very cute critterness there. I love the Woodpecker. I've never sen a real one.
    I'm sharing a couple of images I took in August in my garden. A gorgeously vibrant Ladybug and a long-legged Spider :o)

  4. I've only just stumbled upon this blog......yet this theme is eerily apt for me.....our animal companions have been at the forefront of my conscious of late, due to illness and injury. Poor wee things.