Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Quilted Background Pet Portrait

Hello friends, Gina here. 

I love paper. I love my sewing machine. And I love animals. My English mother-in-law also loves animals. She raised and bred award winning dachshunds for many years. 

This is Mitsy. 

Mitsy unfortunately has passed away but her beautiful spirit continues to live in our hearts. I gave my mother-in-law this mixed media painting and it is hanging in her kitchen today.

I sewed (zig-zag stitch) together pretty scraps of Japanese origami paper. I didn't fuss over cutting the paper into perfect squares.

I just wanted the background quilt to be an easy patchwork of happy colors that would complement Mitzy's fur.

 Instead of watercolor, I used acrylic paint on Claudine Hellmuth Studio Sticky-Back Canvas (Ranger). The sticky-back canvas is easy to cut and the self-adhesive backing is pretty strong. It was simple to position Mitsy onto the paper quilt background.

I have to say that capturing the eyes are the most challenging part when doing a pet portrait.

Finally, I glued everything down with gel medium (tip: use a brayer) onto a square wooden canvas board.

Thank you for visiting!