Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Cat as an Animal Companion

Or should it be "The Human as the Animal's Companion"?

Carol Sloan here, writing about this months theme.

I love Mary Beth's take on animal companions.
It's true, they do not have to be our pets but today I'll be sharing a few of my sketchbook pages
relating to my kitty, KC (AKA Baby Kitty).

This is my animal companion, my studio mate Baby Kitty

I've shared a little bit about him on my personal blog, talking about the way that he barged into not only my home but my heart as well.
Check it out right here.
And here.

This is what he looked like when  he first set his
sights on living with us.
Skinny, full of fleas and rather suspicious.
He likes to "hide" in the tub
and surprise us when we walk in.

KC loves to hold us hostage on the couch.
He jumps up on our lap and refuses to move.
Imagine that.

I pull out my sketchbook and try to draw him but he always seems to know when I am doing that.
He will move just when I am this close to getting a drawing that actually looks like him.
So I wind up having several quick sketches of him in various poses of sleep (or rest).

Like these -

Sometimes I will write notes on the sketchbook page. How sweet he is, letting me pick his paw up and inspect it.
I notice that I didn't draw all the hair sticking out from between the pads of his "feet".
Perhaps he will allow me the time to draw that next time.

Hopefully I will go back with a little paint one day and show his beautiful pale orange color.
But not today.
Today he is holding me hostage on the couch without my watercolors.

Let's see your animal companions over on Flickr!


  1. I love it - so nice that he chose you! ha, ha.... I've often thought sketching one of my cats would be a good idea, but it's almost like trying to get a photo of them. They always know what I'm up to and decide to move! I like the cartoon version though, that might be something to try instead!

  2. It sure can be quicker to do a cartoon version of them Valerie! Try a quick sketch of them - before long you will be able to do more in a couple of minutes than you thought you could!

  3. Why is it we allow ourselves to be cat-locked on the couch? (Which I am even as I write this!) it seems so silly but it is the way of the cat-owned and cats are great subjects for sketching!

    1. Marysu, it is kinda funny how we tend to cater to them!

  4. Wonderful post! And so true. You've inspired me to have my sketchbook nearby the sofa for when my kitties 'hold me hostage.'

    1. It could be an everyday hostage situation here at my house!

  5. He is so sweet!!! I should try to sketch our cat too. Good idea. And by the way I think the human are only the can opener for the cats....

    1. ColorFly - you are SO right! Grab that sketchbook and immortalize your kitty.

  6. Love the picture of Baby Kitty in the bathtub, flattened ears and all. He's a beautiful companion.

  7. Baby Kitty is adorable. I love the sketches. I am owned by 2 cats and 2 dogs. My older cat's name is Snoopy aka Baby cat or Baby Noopy.

  8. Oh Carol, what a beauty!! love your photos and sketches and yes, who is companion to whom, eh? I agree....