Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Glittering Universe

Hi, Dion Dior here.  What a wonderful theme we have for this month, I love the idea of moon and stars and have had so much fun playing around in my sketchbook.

 I couldn't help myself, I simply had to add glitter and sparkle to my "Moon & Stars" pages.  Thinking about the theme conjured up images of a glittering universe, so I created a sketchbook page that reflected my universe.

Using a generous wash of metallic paint, I scraped it across my page with an old credit card.  When it was still wet, I sprinkled glitter all over the page, then I used glitter glue to doodle stars and swirls.

I left a large circle in the center of the page that I intend to use for a photo of my family.  I used paint and glitter glue to write around this circle.  It is a complete break from my usual style, but that's the beauty of the Sketchbook Challenge, it gives us the opportunity to try out new styles and new ideas.

 I had so much fun with the theme this month.  Thanks for checking in. xx

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