Monday, November 4, 2013

Moon and Stars

 Jackie here with November’s theme of Moon and Stars, what a lovely theme, moonlight and twinkling stars, much used in literature and by artists of all descriptions; but where to start my challenge. In fact I started by looking through lots of images of textiles from many ethnic sources, more of that later, but then I remembered that I had recently been given a collection of someone’s unwanted stamps/cutters and that one of them cut out stars, pity there was no moon, but I don’t want to seem an ungrateful recipient. I stamped out stars and then covered my page with black gesso.

 Whilst painting the page I put a sheet from a magazine underneath and of course ended up with some nicely stencilled stars. I used the cut out stars on the black page, and then slipped a piece of text from the magazine under the page.

 On a roll I cut out stars from another page, bigger ones as I had seen a nicely printed page of large black text which would be a suitable background. The first magazine page turned out fun and I wonder if you can spot the original handbag advertisement lurking under my doodles.

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