Friday, November 1, 2013

November Theme: Moon and Stars

Hi, it's Deborah! I am so excited about this theme. It took me forever to settle on an idea. I wanted something different from any other themes over the life of the Sketchbook Challenge. I wanted something that would lend itself to many different styles and techniques in a sketchbook. I wanted something that was general enough that anyone could find an angle of inspiration to explore. I was also looking for something that was seasonally appropriate, but not predictable.

I've been taking lots of walks lately and appreciating the shorter days and cooler temperatures. I've enjoyed glimpses of the moon in the early morning and in the evenings.

So, "Moon and Stars" will be our theme for November.

Who can resist taking pictures of the moon? This one is from our summer vacation in Delaware.

Can you see the tiny crescent?

This is one of my art quilts from Twelve by Twelve. It was for our gray challenge and it's titled In Light Of. That blue swirly stitching in the upper right suggests a moon.

 Another of my Twelve by Twelve quilts with another blue moon.

When I settled on this theme, I also remembered working on a project in elementary school where I stuck tiny metallic stars on a big piece of black poster board representing several different constellations. Did you do that too? I think I might recreate a project like that in my sketchbook this month.

What will you explore?!


  1. I love that theme! Thank you!!!!

  2. This is a wonderful theme! Gives refreshment to my soul. Thanks!

  3. fun is my interpretation...