Thursday, November 21, 2013

Paint and Prints

Hi! It's Deborah. I decided to pull out some paint and my Gelli printing plate and play around with the Moon and Stars theme.

It didn't take me long to make this mess!

I just squirted, rolled, scribbled and pressed paper after paper after paper. I put blue paint on just the bottom half and yellow dots for moon and stars for this one.

Then I brayered a thin layer of yellow on the remaining paint and got this second image. (It's my favorite of the whole bunch.)

Here I layered the blue paint quite heavy and drew the moon and stars onto the plate before printing.

Then I added yellow paint to the stars and moons for this blobby print. I also punched some stars that I used later as masks.

I think this super close-up is pretty cool... showing the lines of paint as the paper is pulled away from the gelli plate.

Then I added a bit more blue and redirected the yellow so it fit the moon and star shapes a bit better.

So many interesting subtle lines and textures can be created (usually unintentionally) with the gelli plate. 

Here are those masked stars.

I have no idea what combination of prints, paint, ghost prints and reverse prints I might have used here.

I'm not sure it's worth much on its own, but some of the details are interesting and it would be worth additional play with more imagery, doodling, stitching, collage or paint.

Both blue and yellow paint on the plate, then I scribbled several stars and made this print which lifted off most of the yellow.

Then I made a second print which got the remaining blue paint that was under the yellow after the first print.
It's interesting to think about "planning" layers of paint on the plate and how they will create different results.

For now these prints are just stacked up on the table in my studio. I'm not sure what I'll do with them. But, it really was fun to just play. That's what a blank sketch book and a theme can encourage!

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  1. Nice experimenting! You could use these in collage. I save my imperfect prints and trial prints and reuse them in this way -nothing wasted and they are not so precious that they can't be cut up!