Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A deep, rich Holiday Color- Desiree

Hi everyone, Desiree here! I love the holidays and all of the colors that surround this special time of the year. For me the holidays are full of mixed emotions and filled with many complex colors. For my sketchbook class I had everyone bring a special ornament to paint, one that had meaning.
My mother and I collected Anna Lee dolls every year and this year I found gingerbread ornaments for our collection.
I have so many ornaments from parties I had in my younger days, they have special meaning, given by friends that have long moved away but never forgotten. I enjoy it when I decorate my tree and bring out these handmade ornaments, I immediately remember the person who made it. I say a prayer for them and their family, remembering all the good times we had together.

After I painted these ornaments in my sketch book I wanted to journal but didn't want to effect the original painting.  I scanned the page and printed it on paper. This time I cut out the ornament and, using a glue stick, glued the edge onto my sketch book, so I had a flap that I could journal under.
I glued the cut out ornament to my sketchbook.

This ornament flap doesn't compromise the feel of the painting, but created a special place to journal! This is an easy way to add a journaling element to your sketchbook.

In mt sketchbook class we painted our ornaments but after everyone left I painted a few more ornaments and then I was led to a special tree. This tree sits in my daughters room every year, a special gift from my mom during a time when we thought our lives were over. A tiny tree that would come to stand for the hope of something miraculous and big! A tiny tree, symbolizing a life, not forgotten but remembered.
Jennifer's special tree
If you want to know more about Jennifer's special tree please feel free to jump over to my blog  and check out my very personal post. There you will be able to go to Jennifer's link and read her story. So I guess my holiday color is a rich, deep color, filled with love and appreciation for all of those special people in my life. What holiday colors will fill your sketchbook this year?? May your holiday be bathed in love and filled with the color of family and friends. Much love from me to you, Desiree


  1. I love how you add spark to your pics, gives just the right feel for christmas! :)

  2. I love your idea of creating a secret place to journal. Love your paintings and was deeply touched by your daughter Jennifer's blog posts. A courageous young woman to whom I wish she and her family a blessed Christmas.

  3. oh so beautiful! Truly lovely! Happy Holidays! :D