Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Theme: Holiday Colors

Hi, Dion Dior here, I am thrilled to be bringing you the last Sketchbook Challenge theme for this year, and in the spirit of holiday celebrations, I thought I would choose

"Holiday Colors"

The holidays mean something different to everyone and there is such a diversity of celebration at this time of year it's always so exciting.   Holiday colors are all around us in December.  I love looking in windows, wondering through department stores, and getting a glimpse of the glittering colors of decorated trees.  There is always such an abundance of inspiration for my sketchbook.

Finding ways to interpret and reflect the joy of the season is so much fun.  In my house we celebrate Christmas and to me, Christmas is all about red and green, so I usually center a lot of my December sketchbook pages around these colors.

But exploring new colors that reflect the season is exciting as well, and I love to add touches of gold and blue.  I usually focus on simple subjects like holly and cupcakes but there are so many subjects and so many ways you can capture them in your sketchbook. 

I thought it would be fun to challenge you to look at holiday colors more closely this season.  What colors reflect the holidays for you?  Can you find new colors to add to your favorites? 

I often spend the first week of December drawing all sorts of holiday icons then playing with holiday colors and combinations in ways that add interest and excitement.  By about week 2 I settle on one of my sketchbook pages and turn it into my Christmas Card.


I scan the sketchbook page into my computer, then print it out onto blank cards.  To make it really special, I use something glittery like Luminarte's Twinkling h2O's or Silks Acrylic Glaze to touch up each card.

Take the opportunity this month to bring your art out of your sketchbook and share it with your friends and family by printing it onto holiday cards.  Be proud of your work, put your name on it and share the joy. 

Don't forget to post your images in The Sketchbook Challenge Flickr group, it's always so exciting to see how everyone interprets the theme, and I'm especially excited to see your holiday colors.

Have a yummy, twinkling, glittering holiday season, and thanks for checking in. xx


  1. What a lovely challenge! And thank you for sharing your ways with us.
    This year I had my cards printed for the first time, felt great when they arrived :)

  2. Great theme can't wait to try it. Thanks for the inspiration

  3. I really like the idea of scanning a sketchbook page to print my own Christmas cards. I usually just buy something that speaks to me. Last year's card was the word Peace in many different languages.

    Love your cupcake!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Leslie, I can't wait to see everyone's Holiday Colors. xx

  5. Hi, I am just starting to find my way around here. It said somewhere we should share a link to our blog in the themes section... would that be here? Noone else seems to have done it, so I am probably rather confused about the mechanics of this place. Anyway, I actually drew this before I knew the theme for the month, but I think it fits quite well. So this is a hello from me :) You are welcome to drop in and say hi back