Friday, January 17, 2014


I worked this collage on a piece of mixed media paper by Daler Rowney, I think it is new here in the UK, and I got it on offer from Hobbycraft. It is almost like a thin card and will take a lot of layers I think.

 First I covered it with black gesso and then I used some ‘complicated paper’ as described by Anne Bagby on her DVD ‘Collage, Paper, Patterns and Glazing’. Bit of a moan here, it is frustrating when artists use papers which we can’t get in the UK, except with huge expense, you know I mean Delli Paper; our greaseproof paper is just not suitable as acrylic peels off of it, having said that I am a big fan of Anne Bagby.

 I used tissue paper for the background paper, and then drew round some of my lino prints to get the shapes. Jackie.

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