Thursday, January 9, 2014

Play Day, Part 2

Happy New Year!  Leslie Tucker Jenison here, with part 2 of the recent artist play date.  I flew into SoCal for a family wedding and took an extra day so Jamie and I would have some time to do some work.  We collaborate in all sorts of artistic ways but, for some odd reason, we have never had a simple studio play day.  It seems we are always planning, making workshop kits, or doing some curating work.  What's wrong with that picture??  Time to play, and play we did.

I love collage work and especially enjoy incorporating ephemera from my travels or a particular event.  Despite the fact that much of this gets layered in the process of making a collage, I know it is there and I think it adds meaning to the work.  Since I was traveling to an event, I had plenty of "stuff" to work with.  That, combined with a few papers from Jamie's stash, paint, medium, and stencils, and we were off and running.
Here is the bride, coming down the "aisle" accompanied by her father, my cousin.
It was a beautiful afternoon for an outdoor wedding.

Here we are in Jamie's studio.

Some of my ephemera from the trip:  boarding passes, my wedding invitation, part of the Sunday paper.

I cut and glued many portions into place and tore bits of washi paper to overlay on the collage

I wrote down some thoughts about the lovely wedding I had the privilege of attending
on this sale tag, which I glued to the collage

Next, I took some synthetic sheer and free motion embroidered it with the sewing machine.

Since I didn't stretch it on a hoop before sewing it is slightly wonky, but
I'm okay with that.

In addition, I free motion "sketched" a dress with thread onto the sheer
and glued it onto the collage surface.  I wrote an article about this for Quilting Arts magazine last year.
One thing I really love about this process is that, once you paste it down with gel medium, matte medium, or Yes! paste, the sheer basically "disappears", leaving the stitchery, which seems to float over the surface.  I like!

Jamie (thank you) took the 2 photos above while I was glueing the stitched dress on the surface.

Here is a birds-eye view of Jamie as she works on her collage (see her post here)

Look at all our "stuff"!  It was such fun to sit at a table together and make art!

When I returned to Texas I pulled out some silk organza onto which I had fused a die-cut piece of organza.  I had this on my shelf and decided to pull it out and work with it.  I just acquired a new 
Sizzix die-cutter and this fun dress die. Perfect.  So, I fused the organza with Mistyfuse prior to running it through the cutter.  I love how it looks!

It is pretty faint when overlaid onto the collage, so I used my Pentel Fabric Gel Roller pen to outline the 
cut shapes from the appliquéd organza.
Have I mentioned recently how much I love this pen?
Best. Fabric. Pen. Ever.

Next, I outlined the dress after I fused it onto the collage surface.
Be sure to protect your iron surface with a teflon pressing sheet or a piece of parchment paper.

I love it!

Because I intend for this to go into my sketchbook I need to cut it down in size to about 8"x8".


After I trimmed the collages down to the 8x8 size I had many strips left over.  I started thinking how it was a waste to toss those strips.  I sat down at my sewing machine and "pieced" them together.  I love the results!  It has given me a couple of new ideas for future projects.  Sometimes, the best thing you can do in the studio is ask yourself, "What if….."?
Check it out:

Since these were cut with a paper cutter the edges are nice and straight.
Plus, the collage base is watercolor paper so it is nice and stiff.  Easy to sew.

Look how it folds!

Maybe I'm even more in love with this one.  It is the "collagiest" of them all. LOL

 Please drop by my blog to see another page I created during our studio play date!
Also, I want to tell you that while Jamie and I were playing we hatched a plan for an ongoing collaboration.  We will be posting our project each month here on the SBC blog.  Stay tuned!


  1. Looks like you both had fun on your "play" date! Thanks for the idea of using sheer fabric, I've used tracing paper before for the same result but never thought of fabric!