Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sketchbook Collage

Jackie here with some pages of collage from my sketchbook, last year I worked a textile piece based on grids and looking through. The above image was a step on the way to the final piece worked using torn pieces from a colour magazine with doodles and sketching added.

 Firstly I had used charcoal to rub over pieces of card and started to develop a grid structure. The initial idea had come from looking through the intricate layers of bone in a rabbit’s skull.

This collage was based on the shape of bones; I used a stencil which I cut myself and masked off areas through the stencil with matt medium which acted as a resist to the paint layer which was then added. I worked this on a page torn from an old telephone book. Around the edges I added a border of coloured paper printed using a gelli plate in my favourite colours. I then doodled into this. This collage has some torn edges left as the gelli printed paper is thicker, this gives a nice texture which unfortunately can't be picked up here. Do click on the images to get a better idea.

This collage was made using some pieces of an old book with pictures of rabbits, pages of music, torn up pieces of my hand writing and the usual sort of doodling added. Oh yes, there is some printing done with a fun foam printing plate.
The first images lead to a resolved textile piece but the other pages were just for fun, but perhaps I will come back to them at some stage. 
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