Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Two Sides To Every Story Box: A Collaboration

While Leslie Tucker Jenison and Jamie Fingal were having their play date in Jamie's studio, they decided to do a collaboration once a month that coincides with the theme, using a cardboard box.  So, Leslie is in San Antonio TX and Jamie is in Orange CA and the text messages go flying - the collaboration begins with a cracker box.
Jamie - I started with an ordinary cracker box, and much to my dismay, no Gesso in the cupboard.  So, I covered the entire box with newspaper using Liquitex Matte Medium, which I am thinking now, was the best solution, because it made the box much stronger.
I have long saved this amazing envelope with the bird on it, waiting for just the right project.  I cut it up, bringing the main focus of the bird for the front, and portions of the envelope for the back. I added some handmade paper, some music notes and another quote.

The inspiration for the box theme is all about Hope, in seeing through to a better outlook on life.  We always have hope.  

Let the layering begin, by using my Zen Landscape stencil by StencilGirl Products

This is a fun stencil, because it has great texture elements on it, but looks very organic.  So, I've carried the stencil (not in its entirety, but sections of it) all the way around the box in green and blue acrylic paint

I added torn pieces of Washi paper.  It is very transparent, so I am not really covering up anything, but it adds alot of color and interest to the piece.  I attached some music notes and Washi paper to the flaps on top.

The back and side of the box, where you can see that I've added some paint lines for a bit of whimsy.  I cut off the side flaps, and punch a hole near the top of the front and back flaps.

Then I used a black Sharpie to outline some of the stencil lines, so that the colors pop out more.  I tied a silk ribbon through the holes and tied a nice bow to finish it off!

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul.  ~Emily Dickenson

Now it is my turn!  Jamie and I got excited about this box idea!  We both wanted to have the first set of boxes be created from a used box.  Mine is a leftover from a Harry & David gift that was sent to us for the holiday.   It looks like a holiday gift box and I think it needs some altering, so here we go:

Using washi tape on the sides and over the surface I was able to alter the appearance.
I like the washi tape because it allows a bit of transparency which adds to the look of the box.

This is a new role of tape that I found during an Etsy shopping "trip".

Once the top of the lid was fully covered, I placed thIs stencil by Michelle Ward on the surface and
pounced a layer of opaque white paint into it.

I love the ghosted pattern of the tape under the white paint and the linear openings from the stencil!

I drew around the edges of the paint with a black pen.

I had a previously cut, fused piece of fabric from Jamie Fingal's new line from Hoffman.
Since fabric fuses quite nicely to paper (and boxes!) I decided it was a fun addition to this
box.  Since it was a coffee cup it needed some "steam".

I wrote a few thoughts about my love of coffee into the "steam".

I hope you like my little box project.   A little tape, a bit of paint with this fun stencil, 
a bit of leftover fabric, and you have a great little collaged gift box that is truly unique.
We plan to do boxes that relate to the monthly themes.  
Hmmm.  I wonder what the next one will be??


  1. I really enjoyed both of your projects, two very cool boxes!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is fun! Coincidentally, I have a box that I've been meaning to collage so this may spur me to it!

  3. wonderful, Leslie!! very cool and so very green!