Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Even more Windows.

This is a picture of the town where I live in Hampshire UK., this  is a fairly new development on a piece of land near the station. It caused an initial stir due the bold colour scheme. Lots of windows as you see.
I started as before with stencilling using rug canvas and other bits and pieces. I tried spray painting but I never have much luck with that and usually make a mess.

Practice on scrap paper was nice and I decided to collage it in.

On the computer I then traced the image of the colourful block of flats.
I printed the tracing out on film for the inkjet , being careful to use the correct setting in the printer dialogue box.

Then I stuck down the side edges of the acetate film over my stencilled and collaged image.
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Bye for now Jackie.


  1. What a great technique! This would b great in free motion stitching, too

  2. Love this, beautiful building and beautiful translation, love it

  3. what a fantastic effect! I love what each layer brings to the inished result.