Thursday, February 6, 2014

Windows into My Imagination

Jamie Fingal checking in.  My sketchbook is like little windows on each page.  The book itself measure 3-1/2 wide by 5-1/2 high.  These small squares are 1x1-3/4. 

For me, I love passing the time, while waiting for something or someone, to fill in these small squares

patterns and shapes, inspired by the West Elm catalog

expanding on other ideas, and these could be used in future projects

Inspiration from the Sundance catalog
Now we get into the larger squares which measure 2x2-1/2

and shoes with polka dot socks.  This could be window shopping!


  1. I enjoyed the 'windows of your mind'.

  2. I love the imagination you have. Would this be zentangles?

  3. These are just awesome. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. What a wonderful idea!! I so easily become overwhelmed with a hugh blank page, but divided up like you have done---WOW, I think I can do that!!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea/tip!!
    Pat, A Remade Life

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