Friday, March 14, 2014

Cool Steet View

Dion Dior here.  I love color and to organize a palette into warm and cool is a wonderful way to ramp up your sketching habit.  This months theme Warm/Cool is a very exciting one for me, and filled with possibilities (thank you Gina).

I have a fun little sketching challenge of my own over on my blog called "Friday Sketches".  It is a free weekly challenge where participants can link up and share what they've been doing in their sketchbook.

This weeks "Friday Sketches" theme is "Street View", and it seemed the perfect coupling with The Sketchbook Challenge theme of Warm/Cool, so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone.

I decided to try working from the cool side of my palette and sketching a cool scene.  You see a great way to get to know your palette is to apply warm or cool colors to a warm or cool scene.  That's why I thought a Winter Street View from my front window would be fun subject to sketch.

It has been a very snowy and cold winter here in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and I'm yet to see what my front yard really looks like given I've only been in this house for a month. There has been a lot of snow on the ground, but with spring on its way it won't be long before I discover my new garden.

We do have this beautiful old lamp post standing about half way down our drive way.  I think it's an ornamental lamp because it doesn't seem to work now and there is no socket for a bulb. It doesn't matter, it looks lovely and it might hold a big candle on a hot summers night.

I sketched this directly in ink then washed a little watercolor from the cool side of my palette over it for substance and form.  It was a very quick sketch and not particularly good, but it was the process of painting from reality that was fun.  Changing light makes snow contours hard, but what great practice.
 (For a peek into my small travel watercolor palette, click here.) 

What does your street view look like?  Try sketching your street view using either the warm or cool colors that represent your season.

And If you are looking for an extra boost with your sketching feel free to join me each week for  "Friday Sketches".

I am excited to see your Warm/Cool sketches.  Don't forget to share them in the Flickr Group and tag them with mar958 so your sketches will appear in the end of month slide show.

Thanks for checking in. xx


  1. Aww, thank you Dion. What a beautiful post and what an awesome job you did using cool, wintery colors! I appreciate all the links for this month's theme as well.