Monday, March 24, 2014

Two Sides to Every Story Box: Warm and Cool Boxes

The Collaboration continues with Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison.  This is the box that we are using this month from Blick Studio.  It is covered in primed canvas.  I mean how cool is that?
Jamie Fingal.  I am taking this cool box and painting it with warm colors - red and purple.  I am using a variety of stencils all from StencilGirl Products.

Using my stencil "Industrial Fence," I am painting with acrylic paint - red on a purple side of the box.  I love how this design flows.

Just fun, especially with the dots!

Now the "Zen Landscape" stencil - with purple paint, that has a bit of cool white in it, to give it more bounce!

This is how it looks on the box!  I am still learning the importance of walking away and letting something dry, before proceeding.  Therefore avoiding smeared paint and other issues.
"Houses" stencil - my design!  Isn't this fun?

I used only the landscape parts of the stencil to create this look

And now I'm using one of the house blocks for the lid of my box.  Purple on red.

Nice contrast.  Love this house block, as it reminds me of one of my quilts.

Used the "City" stencil, just the mid part of the buildings to create a grid look
To add some dimension to the sides of the box, I am adding some cool white

I like the box, but I think it needs some legs on the bottom.  I marked the bottom of the box with Avery rings, the kind you use to prevent tears in punched holes in paper.  I like these because they come in bright colors. Power tools! Get out the Makita! I drilled each hole right in the center of those, then removed the pink circles.
I dug into my bead box to find these one inch beauties.  Using creative wire and some heavy duty pliers, I made a loop at the bottom, then put the wire through the bottom of the box.  I used pliers to swirl the excess wire into place inside the box, to keep it in place.

Those marks around the lid were made with a Starbucks Double Shot aluminum can (the bottom).  I painted in the house with a darker purple paint, and added the design around the house with a Sharpie pen.  Finished warm and cozy box

Leslie here. Hi there!  Jamie and I are really having fun with this ongoing collaboration (from a distance).  Jamie's box tends toward warm colors, and I'm heading over to the cool tones for my project.  I am using the same type of box.

For this project I am using 2 6-inch Stencil Girl stencils:  the "Stitch A Doily", and the "Gigi",
Wood Icing, Liquitex spray paint, and two shades of acrylic paint.  
The top of the lid and all four sides of the base were painted with Golden Liquid Thalo Green.

All four sides of the lid were painted with Liquitex Basics aqua.

The Stitch A Doily stencil was placed over one side of the box.

Using Liquitex spray paint in a well-ventilated area, I lightly sprayed over the stencil.
I was pretty impressed at how "unstinky" this paint is.  I loved the matte finish I got with the deep blue.

Using the Wood Icing and the same stencil, I spread a thick coat of the product through the stencil with a palette knife.

This is what it looks like after the stencil was removed.

I decided it was an exercise in futility to keep the aqua paint contained on just the raised bits….

So I went back in with a narrow paint brush as well as a couple of tones of marker.

I love the rich tones of the greens and blues together.

Using the Gigi stencil and two tones of spray paint, the blue and an apple green,
I lightly sprayed them over the Thalo blue color on the box. 

Then, I sprayed each edge of the box lid with the blue paint.

I love how these various cool tones of green and blue work well together.

If you want to see another project using the Stitch A Doily stencil please drop by my BLOG today as I have another tutorial there, too!

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  1. this makes me want to go get a pile of these boxes - what great gifts they'd make.

  2. Yep, that's what I thought too. They have nesting boxes that are really fun sizes. This one is next to the smallest, which I am saving for another project. They all have great possibilities. Hurry, because they were on clearance when we bought them in January.