Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Warm and Cool Part 2

In my last post I left you with two random collages, one warm and one cool. I had to think for a while to decide what to do next. I find that thinking too hard does not work, what I mean is that you sort of have the ‘problem’ at the back of your mind, and then something relates to it without you consciously thinking and then you think ‘that’s it’ and want to get going. When I was really trying to come up with the next step I thought of circles, flowers all sorts and felt rather bored before I had started. You need an idea which gives you enthusiasm to get going, even if next day you look and think ‘what was all that about’!

 So I thought of weaving strips of paper and looked back at an example I had in a sketchbook. I cut strips from the collages and wove them together. Then I searched out warm and cool threads, in the end I used mainly wools.

I added a line of dark blue wool couched using the sewing machine; this is quite easy to do using a cording foot. There is no problem sewing on the paper other than blunting a needle.

 The outcome was certainly dominated by the warm colours, but you could weave one side warm and the other cool for more contrast. I then framed the woven paper on a page which I had already which was painted with really warm colours.

Have fun and don't forget to post on Flickr. Jackie

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