Friday, March 28, 2014

Warmth of the Kitchen Table

Hi everyone, Dion Dior here.  Welcome to Friday. This week I had the children home on spring break and finding the time to make art was a challenge.  My usual Friday sketching expedition out and about in my town didn't go as planned.  It's difficult to sit in a cafe or on a street corner and sketch with an Autistic 4yo in tow.  My 8yo however is a joy to take sketching, she loves to join me with her own little sketchbook and tools.

Nonetheless, we did manage to sketch and we continued our exploration into warm/cool colors.  This week we decided to sit at the kitchen table and sketch whatever we could see in front of us.  Of course, that meant whatever was on the table.

In the center of our table was a big bowl and fruit, napkins and a salt & pepper grinder. But getting a solid perspective of this scene was like running a gauntlet.

My 4yo likes to take the fruit out of the bowl and line them up along the edge of the table as he proudly announces the name of each fruit and it's color.  He especially loves the 'Orange Orange'.  He thought it was hysterical and let the concept morph into a double announcement of everything he could see...'apple apple', 'chair chair', 'mommy mommy'...and so forth. Needless to say we were all joining in.

So my Friday Sketch this week was done in my Stillman &Birn "Beta" Series Sketchbook with watercolor and ink.  It is a good exercise in using colors from the warm side of my palette. Even the dark and neutral colors were done in warm tones.

What's on your kitchen table? Is it warm or cool?

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Thanks for checking in. xx


  1. I work at my kitchen table so it has a computer and far too much paper and canvases on it! LOL Great job on your art

    1. I know what you mean..I sometimes work at mine too, and with active kids, I rarely see the surface of the table. xx