Friday, April 11, 2014

Accidental Polka Dots

Leslie here.  I'm always goofing around in my studio with a variety of "stuff".  One happy accident was my discovery of printing with Oil of Olay facial wash cloths.  Since I use them nightly to clean my face they sometimes made an accidental trip through the washing machine rather than into the recycling bin.  Since they held up nicely through the laundry it occurred to me that they were probably made out of cotton and, although they are not woven, they must be well-compressed.  My next thought is that they would most likely take dye.  So...I started experimenting with them.

At first, I was focused purely on the cloths themselves, not paying any attention to what was underneath.  Eventually, I realized I was getting some very nice "strike-through" onto my drop cloth.
Here is one of the first constructions I created using both the facial cloths and the "drop cloth" below them:
See the writing on the facial cloth segments?  The writing was done by extruding thickened dye onto the silk screen, then pulling dye over the writing which pushed it through the screen onto the cloths
(and also onto the drop cloths, which are the areas with the accidental polka dots!)

Here is another quilted construction.  Note the curved areas?
Those are the edges of the facial cloth that forms a "resist" to the dye penetrating the drop cloth below.

Here is another project using some leftover portions of printed cloth.  
I created this small piece below in the spirit of Lynn Krawczyk's "Stacked Collages" from her new book, "Intentional Printing".  Please drop by my blog to read her interview.

For my project I am using this piece of silk crepe that was screen-printed with thickened dye, 
cotton-linen blend that was screen-printed with dye, wool-blend felt, Mistyfuse fusible, embroidery thread, and buttons.
First, I fused the piece of silk to a 6x6 inch felt

then I took this piece of linen cotton blend and fused it over the silk.
The polka dots on the small piece of cloth were created by using a StencilGirl stencil with thickened dye.
This is the "Fade Horizontal" stencil and I love it and use it all the time
in a wide variety of ways.

I looked at a variety of threads and buttons to use as embellishments...

and opted for this black thread.

I added another fused piece of silk/felt (a 3x3 inch square) over the 6 inch piece
and these red buttons.

After stitching using a running (Kantha-style) stitch and french knots
I secured the edges with monofilament thread on the sewing machine.

Finally, I attached two charms from an old necklace below the two buttons.

I'm pretty happy with my little stacked collage!

I think it may become an adornment on a journal cover or a handmade book!

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  1. This is really interesting.Thanks for explaining the process!