Monday, April 28, 2014

Two Polka Dot Boxes from Leslie and Jamie

Jamie Fingal here - using a Sizzix Big Shot die cutter, I made a cardboard box

Here is what it looks like right off the cutter.  I cut two and the sides on the box measure about 3-1/4."  The two sides will fit inside each other.  The cutter scores all of the folds too, which is pretty cool.

I decided to go with a black, white and red color scheme.  I used acrylic paint on the sides of the boxes. Those polka dot sheets in the background are made on Deli paper, which almost like tissue paper, but stronger.  It is great to stencil, draw or even paint on, and then you can decoupage it to anything.

I cut the papers - just eyeballing it - to the sides of the boxes.  The stencil is 'to the point' by StencilGirl Products

I used Liquitex Matte Medium to adhere the Deli paper to the box
Then I added more paint "paint the town red" - more circles, and letters that spell out ' d o t' using the 'vintage typewriter alphabet' (one of my personal favorites) from StencilGirlProducts.  Now I could have been done with the surface design at this point, but no....

...I decided that it would be fun to use Puffy Paint to give the box more dimension.  It takes quite awhile to dry.  Silly me, I had to load these into a box, and put it in the back of my car, so it could dry at home.

I really like the puffy paint dots.  I drew some circles around the dots, just because it seemed like a good idea, with the theme, and all
't' - spells dot!  The spotty dotty box!


Greetings!  Leslie here.  I don't have the box die that Jamie has, but I happened to have two pre-cut ATB's from a recent blog hop for Sizzix so we decided to each do a set.  I love these little boxes because they present so many possibilities, inside and out.
Polka dots can be linear and non-linear.  I think I prefer linear, or very evenly-oriented dots, and this just occurred to me.  
I decided to write a list of things that have dots...

I think I'm a bit obsessed with this Fade Horizontal stencil from StencilGirl.
I seem to use it on most everything.

Using two colors of transparent acrylic paint I lightly covered the writing on both box strips.
Here is the strip with the stencil over it...

and after the stencil is removed.  I like the way it partially obscures the writing.

I was thinking about how it is difficult (for me) to visualize the negative space around linear dots....

do you see the larger dots?

Because the flaps will occasionally be exposed, I made up a "polka dot" font.

I have plenty (and I mean PLENTY!) of polka dot fabric.
I cut several colors of dotted fabric into 3" squares
and after spreading the Yes! glue on each section, I positioned the pieces of cloth on them.

I have a "thing" for googly eyes and was given boxes from two different people
as a holiday gift last year.  You can never have enough...

Using Yes! glue I first attached a button, then a large googly.

On another section, a row of graduated googlies.
(May I just pause here to mention that autocorrect does not like the word googly?!)

On the inside, a few bits of fun

Googly faces....

and another...

I like little surprises inside boxes.

And here it is!  Later, after the glue is well-cured, I think I'll use a pen and color in the creases.
Thanks for stopping by to see our boxes.
What do you like to do with polka dots?


  1. Who would ever guess that polka dots could be so outrageously fun!

  2. Delightful!
    Love it, Jamie and Leslie!!