Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Slide Show

Show time! The last day of each month we have a slide show of the Sketchbook Challenge Flickr group's work for that month's theme. To have your work in the slideshow, be sure to tag it with the theme's tag for that month, given on the first day when the theme is announced.

Thank you to all of our followers for playing along!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Yellow/Blog giveaway

Two lino cuts, one used on the cover of a Japanese Stab bound sketchbook, with a little washi tape added.
Over on my blog I am having a giveaway which will be drawn on my birthday 20th June. You need to be on the followers list to be eligible and leave a comment on the post at Stitchworks.

Good luck, Jackie.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Is Yellow Mellow? Desiree Habicht

Hi everyone!!! Its Desiree here! I hope you are excited to move out of the dull winter colors and into the warm light of spring, summer and yellow!

Yellow is a funny color, some people hate it and some people love it. I am a yellow lover. In my garden it is always a blast of bright light in a dark flower bed. In a painting it can make something look backlit and glowing.

                 on my palette it blends well to lighten and brighten and even give warmth to other colors.

 Did you know that there are cool yellows and warm yellows? For example a cooler yellow would be a lemon yellow while a warm yellow would be gamboge.

I tend to lean towards the warmer  yellows. The ones that fit into summer and fall and blend with all the warm oranges .

But where ever you fit into these groups you have to admit yellow is fun! 

Its sunshine, and Lemonade, its sunflowers and marigolds. 

Sorry, this is not a one of my sketches but one of my pastel paintings but it works so well with our theme!
Yellow even comes out at night, 

I don't think there is anything Mellow about Yellow! 

Spread some sunshine today!

 Feel free to check out my other blog which is all about sketching. I give you tips, videos, and lessons. It was originally for my students only but I have decided to open it up for everyone. I hope you will take a moment and hop over to check it out.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Meaning Of Yellow


Hi, Dion Dior here, yellow just happens to be my 8yo daughter's favorite color, so I was thrilled about this months theme. 

YELLOW is such a joyful, happy, warm color.  I LOVE using yellow in my art, and if we look at the meaning of yellow we soon discover that is is a very powerful color, and wisdom favors those who favor it!

According to color meaning experts, YELLOW represent manifestations, prosperity, wisdom, play, joy, happiness, intellectual energy, sense of self, willfulness, and fortitude.

If you are drawn to YELLOW then your orientation is for Self-Definition.

 The element of YELLOW is FIRE, its purpose is TRANSFORMATION

The identities of YELLOW are energy, activity, autonomy, individuation, will, self-esteem, pro-activity, and power.

The fundamental characteristic of YELLOW is wisdom.  

These are a selection of my sketchbook pages from past years that favor the color YELLOW. 

Be sure to share your own sketches using the color YELLOW in the Sketchbook Challenge Flickr Group, and don't forget to tag your image with may482 to be included in the end of month slide show.

And please stop by my blog today, as I'm having a giveaway for a new workshop I am offering called "Splash & Scribble" which is part of 21 Secrets FALL.

Thanks for checking in. xx

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Yellow Play

Jackie here with my take on the May theme of yellow, as you can see from Sue’s photos yellow is certainly all around us particularly at this time of year. Nearly every field where I live in the UK is covered by oilseed rape and although over the hills and far away looks beautiful, I am not so thrilled as I have an allergy to the crop, as do many people.

I started by playing, having found these shapes in Asda for £1. They work but not really worth trying except for fun as they are not as good as shapes cut from sticky backed fun foam, but I don’t discount finding some better arty use for them.

I made a print block.

 I painted the background with yellow and acrylic gesso, so I could make some marks into it with cotton buds.

I then printed a few shapes.

Printed on tissue paper and stuck it on with PVA.

Finally I stencilled yellow flowers to make my picture. Don't forget to post your yellow play on Flickr to be part of the monthly slideshow.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

yellow inspiration

Sue B here...

I was out doing a bit of weeding in the garden when I remembered this months theme so I ran inside and grabbed the camera to take some inspired by yellow photos to share with you...

click on the photos for a larger view

this bush on our property is crawling with bees!  You can't get anywhere near it without them getting angry at you so I took these photos from a distance with my telephoto lens.

and some yellow inside the house...




a yellow vase tipped on it's side

I hope these yellow photos will inspire you to open up your sketchbook!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Color Yellow

Happy May Day!  Jacqueline here...
Yellow is bright and light.  It is cheerful!  It reminds me of spring’s newest leaves, fuzzy chicks, and bright sunshine.  Yellow is a delicate color that can easily be used to create a beautiful journal page.    Since there are warm yellows and cool yellows, I like to do lots of color studies mixing my different yellows with other colors on my palette.  
A colorful wash of yellows (Quinacridone gold, nickel azo, Hansa yellows...) is a great way to start a journal page.  It is easy to paint on top of yellows creating a variety of blues, greens, reds and oranges.  It works with leaves, flowers, trees, as well as buildings.  Here is how I used yellow as a starting color for my watercolor journal page:  Orvieto, Italy Flower Market Day.  
A word of caution -Yellow can quickly get muddy if over-mixed or if added to its compliment - purple.
I started with a mix of warm and cool yellows and let them mingle on my journal page

Here I have drawn in my sketch and started adding more color.

I continue to add color and now some darks. 

I add more defined shapes

Final Journal Page

The last day of each month we have a slide show of the Sketchbook Challenge Flickr group's work for that month's theme. To have your work in the slideshow at the end of this month, be sure to tag it on flickr with may482.