Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Meaning Of Yellow


Hi, Dion Dior here, yellow just happens to be my 8yo daughter's favorite color, so I was thrilled about this months theme. 

YELLOW is such a joyful, happy, warm color.  I LOVE using yellow in my art, and if we look at the meaning of yellow we soon discover that is is a very powerful color, and wisdom favors those who favor it!

According to color meaning experts, YELLOW represent manifestations, prosperity, wisdom, play, joy, happiness, intellectual energy, sense of self, willfulness, and fortitude.

If you are drawn to YELLOW then your orientation is for Self-Definition.

 The element of YELLOW is FIRE, its purpose is TRANSFORMATION

The identities of YELLOW are energy, activity, autonomy, individuation, will, self-esteem, pro-activity, and power.

The fundamental characteristic of YELLOW is wisdom.  

These are a selection of my sketchbook pages from past years that favor the color YELLOW. 

Be sure to share your own sketches using the color YELLOW in the Sketchbook Challenge Flickr Group, and don't forget to tag your image with may482 to be included in the end of month slide show.

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Thanks for checking in. xx


  1. Love your post and artwork Dion!! Bravo, great display of yellow!

    1. Thank you Desiree, yellow is such a wonderful color to work in. Xx

  2. I read in an interior design book many years ago, every room should have a yellow something in it to brighten the room...even if it is a single spot of yellow. I've included this wisdom in my home and it makes me happy to see the bit of brightness in each room. I also include a spot of yellow somewhere in my has the same effect!