Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's Wet and Wild and Wonderful, its WATER!

Hi everybody, its Desiree! I hope you will check out my link. I opened up my sketching blog that was originally only available to my students. Its full of tips and some tutorials. I hope you will decide to follow it too!

Wow, there are just so many ways to go with this theme, I love everything about this precious resource! It actually is life itself! Water is an interesting thing to paint or sketch too. It has so many unique properties, it is reflective and absorbing, clear yet has colors, distorting and magnifying, and so many more.
It is challenging and alluring as it calls us to all take up the challenge of painting water. Why don't you pick your favorite way to enjoy water and lets paint something in our sketchbooks!

So your choices could be;
1. A glass of water
2. the ocean
3. a pond
4. underwater scene
5. puddle and a reflection
6. drop of water on a pedal

There are just so many wonderful ways to depict water in your sketchbook so lets look at some of them here.

Sitting out back by the pool on a bright sunny day

Capturing a moment by the water at the beach, notice the water isn't bright blue as it reflects the overcast skies

A quick sketch on vacation

My mom in the pool, the water distorts the images beneath the waterline (I love this painting of my mom, she hates it)

But water can be fun and whimsical too! Here is my newest fabric design (see more of my fabric lines here, scroll down to my name and click, learn more) coming out for the first time in October. It is a  wonderful, underwater world that began as an idea in my sketchbook

Then it became….
I then took it to pattern form and developed some Mug Rugs for my Mug Rug club.

It also became a big part of my newest art quilt called "Reflections of our Fathers" for The dinner at Eight Exhibit in Houston this year. The water puddles reflecting these men. I hope you get to see it in person this year at Houston, read more about it on my blog here.

Water is a wonderful, magical theme for our sketchbook challenge, where will it lead you!?

Check out my sketching and painting retreat being held in Northern California this October. More information is on my blog on the right side! Happy Sketching!!!


  1. Hi, I am just wondering how that works, when a blog that was closed is opened... did the "students" for whom that blog had been a resource have as say in the choice to make it public?

  2. It was a blog to teach them how to post and comment in between classes. It was always public and never private. They knew what they posted would be seen but I didn't advertise it or promote it in anyway to keep it a bit more intimate within the group. They were always excited to share when they did, learning to post photos was a challenge. They were and still are coadministators so they are able to remove any post they wish not to share.

    1. Thank you, that is reassuring.

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