Monday, June 9, 2014


Water of life, what an open subject to have fun with; firstly I found some gelli plate prints which looked nice and watery and then I began to stamp and doodle. 
  These are some of the tools I used, a makeup sponge, a stamp made from 'quick print' a type of polystyrene similar to that in pizza boxes, a stamp made using moldable foam.

Then I finally added some lettering on a coloured piece of vellum type paper.

On the next page I started with ink and then rubbed in some black shoe polish (just because I had seen it used recently and had an old tin of wax polish).

 I doodled around with white pens and paint and then found a few suitable images and words from an old book which I added using Mod Podge.

 I then added some lettering which I wrote onto tissue paper. I like the way tissue paper almost disappears and enables one to see the shapes and images underneath.

Just make a start and see where the tide  takes you, Jackie.

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