Tuesday, July 1, 2014

on vacation...

We've decided to take a little summer vacation from posting a theme this month and we're going to have an open theme!   

Here's a few ideas for themes to inspire you...

I call this 'watercolor scrumble.'  Jamie Fingal here. This is a stencil design that I did for StencilGirl Products - June Club exclusive stencils.  As you all know, my main medium is quilting.  This is inspired by the embroidery hoop, embroidery thread, and hexagons.  I used Liquitex acrylic black paint to print the stencil on 9x12 mixed media paper.  I painted the piece is a small brush and a palette of watercolors.  I love trying new things, like the basket weave of colors, that creates texture and pure fun!

Sue B here....
My primary medium is quilting and one of my favorite themes to work with and to sketch is buildings...
a sketch from my book above which I turned into this quilt...

Hi, Dion Dior here.

I love summer and for me it's all about flowers and my floral icon of summer is definitely the sunflower.  Lately I've been sketching and painting them in my sketchbook.

The first page is a watercolor pencil sketch of sunflowers.  I have a new class launching in September and it's all about "Watercolor Pencils"  so I've been sketching in pencil every opportunity I have.

If you have these lovely sticks of color and would like to learn to use them in wonderful and simple ways then please join me for this class (more info here).

This second sketch is watercolor pencils and acrylic.  Sometimes it's just about color and my need to capture the colors as vibrantly as I can, at times like this I use a variety of media.

I hope you are enjoying your season wherever you are in the world. xx

Leslie here!  I love working with both paper and cloth. I am very interested in birds and nests, and they are recurrent subjects in my work.  Here is a small piece, part of a series, created from cloth, paint, and stitch, then wrapped around a stretched canvas:

Jacqueline Newbold here.  For me summer is about traveling and taking my watercolor sketchbook along.  Here is a peek at some of my pages:

The last day of each month we have a slide show of the Sketchbook Challenge Flickr group's work for that month's theme. To have your work in the slideshow at the end of this month, be sure to tag it on flickr with jul519.

Hi everyone, its Desiree! I love to take my sketchbook journal with me everywhere and especially on vacation. I have enjoyed capturing those special moments in my sketchbook to revisit whenever I like. I have shared a bunch of tips for sketching while on vacation on my blog.

 Its just a list to help you remember whats really important and give you some ideas of what and how you can sketch during a vacation. I hope you enjoy!! Also I hope you will check out the sketching retreat I am having in the fall, all the information can be found here.


  1. Love the idea of an open theme....hmmm...what to do...what to do?:)
    All the inspiration is great!!

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