Monday, August 4, 2014

Coffee and Tea

Jackie here with this months' theme, well tea certainly is not just for drinking in my house. A search on the internet will come up with lots of uses for tea bags and teabag paper, from stitching to waxing. I made a little sketchbook recently full of images using tea, either waxed and burnt tea bags or using tea, especially green tea, mixed with a little white vinegar to rust the pages.

 I love rusting paper and fabric, so exciting to see the images revealed, all so different partly depending on how much patience you have to leave the items to rust over night, or not. I used a fairly thick watercolour paper which meant that I could then go into the pages and add stitch and wax in parts.

 Try taking a photograph and then add some text and filters. I liked the detailed visual texture in this rusted page.

 Don't worry you can have your cup of tea first and save up the tea bags,or if you are old fashioned like me use the dregs from the pot.

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