Monday, August 18, 2014

Coffee Break!! Tea Time!! Any excuse to visit.

Hi everyone, its Desiree!! I love this theme Jamie, thanks so much!!!  I have so many great memories when I think of having coffee or tea with friends. I can remember back to my neighbor, always making coffee around 3 pm. My kids were on their way home from school and we would sit and drink coffee, relaxing in the cool afternoon breezes awaiting the onslaught of noise as the kids returned from school. It became a ritual with her and I, visiting for that last 1/2 hour of quiet.

I have tea parties now with my granddaughters, friends and just about anyone who is game. A few of my BFF's and I have done high tea at some of the best tea places in our area, yummy! For me it is a special time to honor friendships as we take the time to really sit and enjoy the experience. Recently one of my girlfriends introduced me to expresso, oh man, I am in love. Its a treat to make myself some and sit out back in the evening.

So many wonderful memories around coffee and tea. Like the time I had a Mother's Day Tea Party for my friends. It was actually a sketching class but I turned it into a tea party. Fun, fun as we sipped tea, ate cookies and sketched the table. I even set the table with different vintage tea cups, a day I won't soon forget. 

Then, of course there are the tea parties with my granddaughters….

 I even made them a tea party tablecloth..

 My coffee cups and coco cups even make it to be my Christmas Cards some years. The feeling of welcome and join me come across so perfectly.

This month my Mug Rug club did small art quilts that are tea cups as our mug rugs too! 
What a coincidence! 

So if you happen to be passing through Southern California I hope you will stop by and have a cuppa tea, expresso or just coffee with me so we can just chat awhile!!!


  1. Loved reading your post! What a delightful way to start the day....sitting here with my coffee, reading about your sketching parties....lovely!

    1. Thanks Tammy! So glad you enjoyed it, off to make my morning brew and start my day too!

  2. What a wonderful post, I'm a real tea ceremony person, I have different cups for each type of tea and grow my own peppermint and verbena and my daughter's followed in my footsteps. I feel a tablecloth coming on for my newest granddaughter whose 7 months old :-) thank you for posting such a lovely post.

    1. Thanks Sharon, I love to add fresh mints to my tea too. My granddaughters love to help in the garden too. Granddaughters are the best, enjoy, they are little for such a short time!